***UPDATE: Thanks for all the awesome support and comments! mission accomplished!! :P

hello and thanks for checking out my 2012 time-lapse reel. what you see above is about 6 months of extremely hard and dedicated work. i begun shooting time-lapse a couple years ago and quickly became involved with motion control as soon as it became affordable and available. so what you are basically seeing, is my journey from static into motion.


if you like this sort of stuff, please follow me on twitter. 2012 is going to be a huge year for me. for those who are unaware, we are experiencing a golden era in time-lapse. one where our limitations are bound by our creativity and our options are ultimately endless. this year, you the audience, will see a new kind of artist arise. the time-lapse cinematographer.


check out my website. and remember folks to support your local photographer.



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