In the battle to save planet Ignis, Blaze, Ghost, and Shine must drop onto the frozen world to begin their mission. They must find the last remaining gray catalyst and empower them with the flame to defeat Ice. It is Shine's first drop.

Director/Editior/DP/Compositing/Grading by Erik Parise with Arise Productions
Written/Produced by Tom Keesee with Endworld Productions
Audio Mixing by Rusty Yanok with RTY Productions

Shine: Adam Sammons
Blaze: Sam Workman
Ghost: Nate Wooten
Preacher: Clayton Boley
Catalyst: Tom Keesee

Costume Design and Build Team:
DreamScheme Studios
Cristofer Adrian - Team Director
Rod Ford
Chuck Westfield
Nancy Goodson
Max Ford
Julie Thomas
Joseph Bosse
Randy Neubert

3d Ship Model:Nate Wooten
Flame Decal Design: Chris Mead

Olivia Workman
Sandra Davis
Randy Read
Lorenzo & Maurice Echols II
Rebekah Badal
Jonica Badal

DreamScheme Studios:

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