Transmediale-06 - documentary film

Year of production: 2006
Length: 18'
Film Director: Ștefan Rusu
Image Editor: Denis Bartenev
Cameraman: Vadim Hîncu, Adel Idris


The film is a result of joint collaboration between KSAK Center, Chisinau and Transmediale Festival for Art&Digital Culture, Berlin. The collaboration took place in the frame of AlteArteTV project when the AATV team (Vadim Hancu, Adel Idris, Lilia Dragneva and Stefan Rusu) traveled to Berlin to document the main events of 2006 edition of the festival.

Below some details about main events of the festival:

Transmediale 2006 - Reality Addicts

The 19th transmediale festival explores how art and society are changing under the influence of media and technologies which become more and more dominant in our everyday lives. transmediale.06 is devoted to the Reality Addicts who subvert the technological paradigm of reality.

'Smile Mashines' Exhibition

This year transmediale present a large art exhibition which extends beyond the festival week. Under the title 'Smile Machines', the show deals with the interplay between humour, art, and technology. The French media art historian, Anne-Marie Duguet, has been appointed to curate a show that investigates the critical potential of humour as an artistic strategy. As a variation of the exhibition theme, the title 'Reality Addicts' was chosen for the transmediale.06 festival which will also deal with the power of humor to define alternative realities.

Reality Addicts Conference

The transmediale.06 conference deals with artistic and social ideas that don't stop at the borders of mediatised reality. In five panels and four keynote lectures, the conference explores ways in which conventional constructions of reality can be subverted, exaggerated or reduced to absurdity.

Complete version of transmediale.06 festival agenda you can find at:

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