UX / Design Panel at Seattle Interactive Conference 2011

Curt Collinsworth, UX Director at Ziba
Mike Davidson, CEO of Newsvine
Ted Woodbery, Exec. Director Consumer Data at AT&T Mobility
Albert Shum, Windows Phone Design Studio GM at Microsoft
Moderated by Carl Alviani of Ziba

The rise and increasing influence of startups has made the value of two things abundantly clear: that products can be designed and developed faster than we thought, and that good user experience makes them effective and desirable. Larger more established companies in the digital and communications space have taken notice, and are pursuing a range of strategies to realize these kinds of gains internally.

So what works? How does a large company get faster, smarter and more sensitive to the experience of the user? This panel will cover several approaches and the issues they raise, including:

• Establishing smaller “skunkworks” teams with high levels of consumer focus.
• Placing an emphasis on prototyping and rapid revision, both internally and with design consultancies.
• Increasing the ratio of designers to developers, and seeking developers with greater design sensitivity.
• Tightening the relationship with consultants, to help internalize rapid design and development processes and eliminate the waterfall effect.
• Fostering cultural change within the corporation to raise the perceived value of design and good user experience at the executive level.

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