SheJumps strives to increase female participation in the outdoors by creating community, opportunity, and FUN!

If it didn't snow in your town for a month, you'd find new ways to be creative too!

Get the girls out where you are and join the party!

Cini: Corey Hennegan, Editing: Lynsey Dyer. Big thanks to KGB productions and the men; Machael Lewis and Kitchen.
Music: The Ting Tings

Skiers: Sierra Quitiquit, Haylen Gregory, Allie Rood, Emily Cleveland, Katelyn Johnson, Lindsay Parr, Megan Raczak
Prudence Daniels, Thea Sutton, Sophie Danforth, Anastasia Surmava, Lisa Bunn, Tory Hayssen, Britnie Bullock, Lynsey Dyer and more!

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