Bigger Bang: Colliding Science & Design
J. Michael Riva - Production Designer Iron Man

The depiction of science and technology in film, novels, television, games, and other media directly informs and affects the work of real-world scientists; while the authors of these narrative forms are driven to incorporate the ideas and artifacts of modern and projected technology. It's an ever-tighter feedback loop, and each side is sprinting to keep up with the other. Through it all runs a new generation of digital tools that is inexorably changing the creative process - of media author and scientist alike. This panel discusses what it means for science and design in narrative to embrace, incorporate, mutate, pervert, extrapolate, and refine each other.

Moderator: John Underkoffler—chief scientist, Oblong Industries; science advisor, (Minority Report, The Hulk)

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Paola Antonelli—senior curator in the Department of Architecture and Design for the Museum of Modern Art, New York
David Kung—Vice president, creative director, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online
Michael Riva—production designer, Iron Man
Jerry Schubel—president and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California

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J. Michael Riva is the production designer of Iron Man and the upcoming Iron Man 2. Ironman footage used courtesy of Marvel Comic, Industrial Light and Magic, and Paramount Pictures

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