Giraffage performs "Moments" in my mom's car.

I first fell in love with the act of listening to music while gazing out the window of my school bus as it drove through the california suburbs. To me, music and the automobile is the classic american pairing, like french fries and hamburgers. This new series "Carsick" is an ode to the exhilarating feeling that comes from combining music and motion.

Giraffage was the perfect artist to spearhead this new experiment.

The song “Moments” is like listening to a million songs whose names you can’t remember but are always on the tip of your tongue. It has the sophistication and complexity to give you an IDM boner but without losing its soul. There’s space and texture to reminisce. You’re in a vhs rave in the jungle and there’s all these god damn people laughing, psych jk, you’re getting your first bicycle from the grandfather you never met.

I had my 19 year old brother drive the car. He's only had his license for a year. If you've never driven with a teenager, I highly recommend it. I had originally intended to do the session in my old honda accord but as we were pulling out of the drive way, the stereo blew a fuse so we had to take my mom's car.

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