The Ultimate Grindhouse Collection is my first project through Envato.

NOW FOR CS4 – CS5 – CS5 .5

Everything you need to give your project that grunge, grit, and dirty look.

HD resolution (1080p) The Final Project running time: 2min 05sec Included with the project are:

15 placeholders Animation Mattes included: 7 Damaged Blank Ends 3 Film Burn Alphas 4 Film Burn Plates 2 Gate Locks 8 Light Leaks 4 Projector Adjustments 4 Scratch Plates

Still Plates Included: 4 Ash Alpha Mattes 2 Damage Mattes 3 Old Film frames 4 Old Poster Backgrounds 6 Patterns 4 Paper Textures 9 Old Slide Plates 4 Splat Mattes 4 Stain Mattes 4 Grunge Stripe Mattes 8 Torn Edges

SFX Included: Full Sound Mix Layout (not including Music) 11 Abstract SFX 5 Film Reel Sounds 2 Hits 3 Roars 3 Whooshes

16min video tutorial included


If you need help customizing the project write me an email via my profile page. Please Note: I highly recommend 64bit capability with this project since it does take a long time to render the entire project at 1080p Final Render Time on 8 Core Mac Pro with 16GB RAM takes roughly 16 hours.

Music is not included. However, you can purchase this great score entitled “Dead City”, by Singularity_prj HERE

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