A'Braeron is a 3D Digital Sculpt & Paint done exclusively in Z-Brush 4R2. This model was sculpted using Z-Spheres and the new dynamesh feature of Z-Brush 4R2.

== Lore ==

A'Braeron - A Forest Dragon who's domain lies in the lush uncharted rainforest of the Tierenan Isles.

Mainly feeding on large forest dwelling creatures, A'Braeron, and his kin have shed their bright emerald colorations (common among emerald dragonkin), for a mottled moss camouflage to better blend in with the jungle flora.

Another change is that they have developed stockier, broader but shorter bodies to take down large animals within the tight quarters of the jungles.

A'Braeron's breath is a lethal nerve toxin mixed with an equally lethal acid able to eat through steel if thoroughly exposed.

Original Story & Art by Simon Kendrick C. So

Music by Tilman Sillescu. All Rights Reserved.

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