A film in 16 sections by 2nd-year BA Graphic Design Communication students at Chelsea College of Art and Design, made in response to a brief by animation artist Max Hattler.

Directors/Makers (unless otherwise credited)
In order of appearance:
01. Joe Hayes (Direction), Vanille Van De Cam (Animation), Katie Knowles (Sound)
02. Sophie Rotter, Will Whiting, Alexandra Zizzo
03. Ceylan Kioufi, Daryl Paz, Alex Zachries
04. Jonny Holmes (Direction/Animation), Nicolas Megoran (Direction/Sound), Hannah Perse-Clarke (Direction/Assistant Animation)
05. Rebecca Gravil, Chaney McCullough, Pei Sen Shen
06. Bradley Bell, Gabrielle Tanguay, Harriet Palmer
07. Sam Hashemi (Direction/Animation/Video/Sound), Real Wong (Editing/Animation/Video/Sound), Joanna Wilks (Animation/Video)
08. Anne Boegild Christensen, Anna Ka Ying Ngai, Susana Castro
09. Alexandra Brittain (Direction/Animation), Anna Fearon (Animation), Paige Shaw (Sound)
10. Genevieve De Rohan Willner, Jasper, Yoann Stas
11. Thanawat Singtosap, Rachel Dare, Talita Heshiimu
12. Francois Douady, Adam Simpson, Tiana Dunlop
13. Emily Crook + Nour Flayhan (Directors/Makers), Ben Capaldi (Concept)
14. Allison Beattie + Charlie Patterson (Direction/Photography), Josh Carpenter (Editing/Sound)
15. Donald Chung, Anastasia McGrellis, Charlotte Hancock
16. Chloe Alpert (Direction/Artwork/Animation/Sound), Sunnie Newby (Direction/Artwork), Gabriella Voyias (Direction/Artwork/Sound)

Lecturer/Tutor/Brief by: Max Hattler
Technical Support: David Barnett
Project initiated by: Kieron Dennis

Made at Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2012

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