For the “Innovationen 2012” event, hosted by the austrian newspaper Der Kurier, Strukt was asked by Büro Wien to create an impressive media setup. The location of choice, the Hofstallung at the Museumsquartier in Vienna, imposed some limitations that had to be considered. The room is very long and narrow and has a low ceiling without any possibilities to mount projection screens or projectors. Because of the painting on the ceiling we had to be very careful during the design process to create a balanced overall impression that was consistent with Der Kurier’s corporate design.

To use red as the main color was an obvious choice, the position and shape of the projection screen was a little harder to figure out. In the end we decided that the most fitting shape was something that mirrored the ceiling. We added the curved design the projection screen. With some tricks it was possible to suspend the screen in the air without any obvious columns.

After creating all the background animations we edited the content for the presentation and created a versatile presentation system for the award ceremony that also took place that evening. After the official part of the evening was over, a VJane took the stage and the projection screen behind her was transformed into a surface for party visuals.

Client: Der Kurier
Agency: Büro Wien
Agency PM: Leila Kassoume
Project Manager: Thomas Hitthaler
Creative Director: Thomas Hitthaler
Designers: Iris Wieder, Daniela Leitner
Programmer: Woeishi Lean
Documentation: Wolfgang F. Maier

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