Two powerful online stories artfully told with depth and context

These two stories demonstrated the strength of interactive storytelling and narrative reporting at The New York Times. The first is an engaging multimedia series that chronicled the deeply personal challenges and struggles of individual soldiers deployed to Afghanistan over a 12-month period with leading-edge interactive platforms. Using video, audio, photography, words and interactive technology, the multimedia series captured universal themes of loss, hope, fear and sacrifice.

The second story, produced by documentary filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud for the Times, showed viewers the human cost of the Haitian earthquake. This 11-minute-long digital story followed two badly injured Haitian children from the time of their rescue days after the earthquake to one year later when they were learning to walk again in Boston. The Renauds succeeded in transmitting the painful experience of these two children as they struggle to heal, ending with an uncertainty that is authentic, moving and profound.

James Dao, reporter; Catrin Einhorn, additional reporting; Damon Winter, photography, videography; Rob Harris, Marcus Yam, additional photography and videography;
Gabriel Dance, Nancy Donaldson, Catrin Einhorn, Jon Huang, Andrew Kueneman, Meaghan Looram, production

Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud, producers, reporters, cameras, editors; David Rummel, senior producer for the New York Times; Ann Derry, editorial director for the New York Times

Original Stories: "View A Year at War"
Original Story: "Surviving Haiti's Earthquake: Children"

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