An excellent two part investigative series that revealed abuses in the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy

Reporter Ailsa Chang’s investigation into marijuana arrests and illegal searches by the NYPD found a disturbing pattern; people arrested in the city’s poorest neighborhoods were routinely targeted and mischarged with misdemeanor marijuana possession without a factual basis to support the arrest. Through extensive interviews with current and former police officers, prosecutors, defense lawyers and dozens of young people arrested by police, Chang methodically showed how authorities were conducting illegal searches during stop and frisks. The reports also spotlighted racial disparities in marijuana arrests. New York state legislators introduced a bill to decrease incentives for police to conduct aggressive and potentially illegal searches during stop-and-frisks after the reports aired.

Ailsa Chang, reporter; Karen Frillmann, editor; Paul Schneider, engineer; Wayne Shulmister, engineer; John Keefe, senior editor for data news

Original Story: "Alleged Illegal Searches by the NYPD"

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