This video was made as a protest about what is happening in São Paulo. The "Nova Luz" is sold as a very good project to improve the city, but the truth is that they want to demolish the historic neighborhoods and sell the now empty spaces to the real estate market. And they are planning fast.

Instead of using social workers and medical care to handle the drug problem in Cracolândia (or Crackland) - everyone knows that the big dealers and where the drug is produced are NOT there, but just the users, drug addicts -, they used policemen tactics.

Below there is the original text of the video translated to English. And I repeat: this video was thought to be just in Portuguese. All the subtitles are here just to you understand everything, so there are moments that are very annoying because of the quantity of information.


The day of Sao Paulo anniversary, January 25th, must be dedicated for a reflection about the city. What São Paulo represents? What São Paulo gives us? What we want of this city?

I borrowed a song from poet Criolo ("Não existe amor em SP" or "There is no love in SP") to follow my vision about recents happenings and projects that had São Paulo as a stage.

We can't be mute or don't demonstrate somehow our insatisfaction. We have to be able to complain and protest about what is bothering us. We have to be careful because we live in a city every more besieged. We have to have voice to contest hygienists public policies and just good for the real estate market. São Paulo was sold to the big real estate developers.

And I want the city back. What about you?

Editor: Thiago Carrapatoso

Music: "Não existe amor em SP" (Criolo -


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Prefeito Kassab perde a cabeça e agride manifestante. (Rede Globo)

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