600 men have been released from Guantánamo, and most are now peacefully rebuilding their lives.

171 men remain imprisoned at Guantánamo, from
23 countries.

92 percent of the men ever held in Guantánamo are not “Al-Qaeda fighters,” by the U.S. government’s own records.

89 men have been cleared for release from Guantánamo but remain in detention.

58 Yemeni men are cleared to be sent back home, but remain indefinitely detained based solely on their nationality.

46 men are slated for indefinite detention without charge or trial. The government claims they can neither be released nor prosecuted.

22 or more prisoners were under 18 when captured.

20 or more men could leave Guantánamo immediately, but for the fact that they fear torture or other human rights violations in their countries of nationality, or because they are stateless. These men will remain in detention until other countries offer them safe havens and a chance to rebuild their lives.

10 is the number of years of arbitrary detention at Guantánamo which the detained men have now entered.

8 men have died in the prison.

7 men have been charged with a crime, and two of these men are now free.

2 men have been forcibly transferred by the Obama administration to Algeria, despite their credible fears of abuse in Algeria.

1 man has left Guantánamo alive in 2011. The 8 months since his transfer mark the longest period that has ever lapsed without a release from the prison. He was transferred against his will. Two other men left in coffins.

0 senior government officials have been held

Speaker, Vincent Warren

Photos, Sarah K Hogarth, Rafael Shimunov

Video, Rafael Shimunov

Music, Moby

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