Our environment and culture have been linked to our evolution since the dawn of civilization. Currently that linkage appears to be having an increasingly evident impact on our ecology and environment with little change in global culture. This dissonance is exaggerated intensely in our most delicate environments. Northern Canada is one of these environs.

In the summer of 2007, Drew McIntosh, Robert Lutener and Aaron Bocanegra set out on a journey across the north into the Arctic Circle, in exploration of the impact change has on the landscape and people's lives.

Their 8500 KM (5282 mile) adventure began in Edmonton, Alberta, four hours south of the largest proposed industrial project in history, the Athabasca Oilsands. Traveling through Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska, The Yukon, and the Northwest Territories they arrived in Inuvik, at the end of the 750 KM (466 Mile) gravel Dempster Highway, 200 KM (124 miles) north of the Arctic Circle.

Through conversations with First Nations Chiefs, Elders, comedians, artists, dancers and mountaineers, Up North takes you on a journey of discovery and inquiry. Set against the stunning beauty of North America's last wilderness, it accesses an alternate history of Canada's north, told through the wisdom of experience and the reflection of our culture in the landscape.

Up North

A film by
Drew McIntosh
Aaron Bocanegra
Robert Lutener

Original Score by
James Stewart

Motion Graphics by
Dion Coursen
Aaron Bocanegra

Graphic Design by
Justin LaFontaine


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