My intention was to do a bit of talking head interview with Kosal and put together a greeting video for his website. ( Then I realized I had never done this talking head Q&A thing in my life. We tried some bits but didn't come out all that good. So we walked around the Independence monument to see if we could find another spot. Then Kosal started singing. Then we were like... "Let's do that instead of this Q&A stuff." So we captured his impromptu singing and I thought it was beautiful.

So allow me to present a piece of video, that is basically unedited. I'm normally a heavy handler when it comes to finishing, but I thought otherwise this time. I thought this clip captured the energy of the moment right. I hope you enjoy it. (Masahiro, 01/25/2012)

This song was written by Kosal Khiev.

a Studio Revolt film
copyright © 2012/All rights reserved

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