Rev. Abbot James Wiseman, OSB, STD, Catholic University of America

It is important to note that there is considerable diversity about any possible religious or theological implications of the theory of the Big Bang. Even some persons who are not themselves religious believers, such as the agnostic astrophysicist Robert Jastrow, assert that there are positive implications. It is significant that Pope John Paul II spoke on this subject to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences some thirty years after Pius XII’s remarks: “Any scientific hypothesis on the origin of the world, such as the hypothesis of a primitive atom from which derived the whole of the physical universe, leaves open the problem concerning the universe’s beginning. Science cannot of itself solve this question. There is needed that human knowledge that rises above physics and astrophysics and which is called metaphysics; there is needed above all the knowledge that comes from God’s revelation.”

This lecture is part of a series of conferences entitled "the atom + Eve Project: Using Science in Pastoral Ministry."

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