Huge credits go out to my friends who helped me out with photos and videos from events.
David Robin, Jose Ortiz, Cindy Gravitt, and Loyd Calomay.
My wife's brother-in-law also helped us my English, LOL!
My wife and I wrote the words, put together images, and recorded my horrific performance. Kudos to Mrs. Orange!
Also Michael Wong gave me the inspiration for the song which became the "theme" song of IN[FOCUS] 2012.

I know there were certain rules for this video contest, but I really hope to share my story about this amazing gathering of event filmmakers from around the world.
This is more of showing my appreciation, and my small token to all my friends from IN[FOCUS].
I also do apologize if I missed some of presenters and attendees. I did my best to fit as much as I could, but 3 minutes is not that long very often, so please, forgive me if I could not include some of you!

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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