We are People of Color. We didn't choose to be, but we love our cultures. Because of our skin, we have added struggles. In our safe spaces, we have every right to feel welcomed and not tokenized, harassed or ignored. We ask for you to listen to us when we speak about racism because we are being effected by it daily. This video is a compilation of things actually said to POC involved in activism and social justice.

We want to be heard, listen to us.

Transcript for the deaf/hard of hearing:

Power to the people!

No, it’s okay, I’ve read bell hooks.
I totally understand racism now, I mean, I’m dating a black girl.
But...you look white, so why do you even care?
Obama’s my nigga...wait, am I allowed to say that around you?
I mean like, we’re talking about sexism here, and you’re getting way off topic with your race issues.
That really, REALLY doesn’t apply to me, I’m sorry, I dunno.
I feel like if we keep focusing on racism, then the real issue of capitalism will be WAY overlooked.
Didn’t you hear? Woman is the nigger of the world.
Why do you guys feel the need to have separate groups?
How do we get more people of color like YOU in our organization? You’re really different.
What do you think about Obama? Oh...you don’t like him either? Oh...I thought you would, because...you know.
This is SO COOL that you’re here.
I’m queer, so I understand racism. I mean, gay is the new black.
I’m an anarchist, I don’t have any white privilege! I don’t even believe in this government, like...what, why are you trying to pin this on me?
You should focus on more important issues here, other than racism...I mean, like, capitalism for instance, that’s the REAL problem here.
No, I hate white people too, don’t get me wrong, I HATE white people.
Oh my god, your hair is NATURAL? that’s really good, because I saw good hair and I can’t BELIEEEEEVE people are actually doing it to their hair, like, I don’t understand...
Do you know shadism actually EXISTS?
What do you mean, check my privilege?
What do you mean, check my privilege?
I don’t have any privilege, I’m a woman.
I don’t have any privilege, I’m trans.
I don’t have any privilege, I’m queer.
No, it’s okay, I read (past tense) Malcolm X.
I don’t date white girls. they don’t get it like you do.
You’re really angry.
Why don’t you calm down?
So why can’t I call you Spanish?
So why can’t I call you yellow? You’re a person of color, right?
Sso wait, what’s cultural appropriation? I just thought it was respect of other people’s cultures.
Islam is such an oppressive religion for women!
Whoa! Now you’re getting racist toward white people.
I really hate being white. I mean, it sucks.
I don’t see why you’re bringing up race. we’re all fighting the same struggle here, i mean, look, see? [stands up to show t-shirt] i mean, come on.
I’m not racist, but...
[whisper] I’m not racist, but...
[half whisper] I don’t wanna sound racist, but...
So why can’t I wear a bindi?
So why do you wear a hijab? I thought you were a feminist?
No, it’s okay, I read (present tense) Tim Wise.
That’s not MY experience...so you’re wrong.
I didn’t know people like you cared.
So why is “colored” wrong again?
So why do you want me to call you “indigenous”?
If you believe in equality, then why should I treat you any differently?
No no no, I think everyone is equal. When I make racist jokes, i’m just kidding.
So what are you?
So where you from?
No, I mean like, what country?
Oh. You don’t know? Because of slavery?
I don’t see color. In fact, sometimes I forget you’re not white.
I saw Roots.
I really wish I wasn’t white.
There’s no such thing as white privilege. You’re just throwing around that phrase you saw on Tumblr.

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