Enjoy best search experience and get personalized results that are tailored to you. How?
HeyStaks takes results from your favorite search engines and services (Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Flickr,...) and combines them with the wisdom of communities, so that you get more relevant web pages, tweets, news and images all wrapped up in a beautiful, visual search interface.

Here's what some people have been saying about HeyStaks:

"View your Google results Flipboard style, thanks to HeyStaks" [source: The Next Web]
"HeyStaks looks to a new era of online search relevance." [source Bloomberg]
"If Google was the sports car of search engines when it launched, it's now rather rusty vintage sport car. Enter HeyStaks, a startup which wants to make search more efficient by making it social." [source: The NewYork Times]

Search Engines are not doing a great job of getting you the content you want. It is often buried deep below all of the spammy Web pages that games the system. So, here is what makes HeyStaks better and your "one-stop search" solution on your iPad (replace "Android" for android market):

-Get more relevant results from people like you and communities you are interested in
- Sharing is anonymous, your identity is not shared in communities
- All the heavy lifting of picking the best community search results is done by HeyStaks, you just search as normal
- No "like" or "plus" buttons to click
- "Ask a Facebook" friend for recommendations
- If all of the above sucks, the community will weigh in and suggest results for you!

So please search, enjoy more relevant and personalized results, and let us know what you think so we can make this search solution better for you. And please invite your friends!

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