Who is Henrietta? is making its debut at Kidscreen Summit in February 2012 and later appearing at MIP Junior in October 2012. The pilot endeavors to show the character's personalities and capabilities. It does not show the story line theme.

"Henrietta has returned home to Earth with her unusual friends - everything has changed. There are Anubis, dangerous creatures running things.

Can Henrietta and her friends live normally? Can she go to school, have friends and adapt to a changed world? Can the Anubis capture them?

You will have to find out, in this comic neighbourhood adventure, about Princess Henrietta, who tries to love everyone.

She has a confused, scatty shape-shifting alien friend called Eanie Meanie, alias Arthur. Who really does not understand Earthling ways?

Geegle, her a fiddle-playing guide who is wildly homesick, but he can always magic something up.

Finally, SNOT, Eanie's mentor, the spaceship's computer, who looks after the cloaked spaceship they all live in.

More about the show can be found on lookman.biz/animation.html

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