Author: Branko Potočan
Perforations Festival 2011

If dance should, due to some theory or other, abolish music to let movement be the focus, with just its rhythm being primary, maybe it would be necessary to consider the visual aspect of dance. Looking around, Slovenian choreographer Branko Potočan concluded that dance, just like contemporary reality, is overly burdened with views and appearance. Of all the human senses, sight has become the primary, sometimes the only, and certainly a decisive tool for ‘acquiring’ the outside world. For this reason, in the project Through the Eyes of Touch, Potočan focussed his attention on the sensation of touch that, at the beginning of life opens and, probably, at the end closes our door of perception. For human interaction the Other is required, and the basic question of this choreography is how to see and feel that Other, and how that can mix, cancel or enhance signals, and how much it changes the ‘picture’. Because, unfortunately, some things we can see but are not allowed to touch, while, on the other hand, much that we touch, we don’t want to see (at all).

Branko Potočan’s dancing career started in Dance Theatre Ljubljana, and continued in Wim Vandekeybus’s company, Ultima Vez. After returning to Slovenia, already a choreographer even then, in addition to performing he founded the group Fourklor, with which he has been performing successfully for 17 years, in Slovenia and throughout the region. He is not the only author of Fourklor productions, Potočan and the group have been constants of Slovenian contemporary dance.

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