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Greenhouse Effect (Band) Wikipedia Biography

1986/ 1987; Band jams various Yardbirds, Zeppelin, Who, and Robin Trower Covers at Rick Carmody's garage,..the "Phil Keegan" Guitar era begins;

1988; 'Global Warming' ; 'Precarious', 'Number One', 'Think About it', "Wring That neck" etc,.. The 'Phil Keegan' Guitar Era ,...

In February and March 1988, The band recorded their first album at South bay Sound Recording Studio in Gardena California as the impressive three piece led by Keegan upfront on guitar, Rick Carmody on bass and Clark Hagins singing skillfully 'from the' Drumkit.

"Actor" is a song that came from these first early sessions and it is a song that today, Clark Hagins says he hates; "I hate 'actor' , gives our band a bad vibe,..similar to the way that 'Virus O'Syrus' did in 1990" The whole band was changed around in 1990 after Keegan Left in favor of a more 'alternative rock' style which featured updated for the times tracks like Ben is dead and "Star"; "We became a great band ,..over time,..then in 2001, I realised how well we went with Surfing Videos.

,..In 2009, came the "Clay Marzo" Surfing Videos at Youtube with "Brandy".

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