Pale Blue Light is a television drama series centered on a hip-hop record company called Pale Blue Light Records. The show focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the hip hop industry and culture. This 45-minute program will deal with the drama and lifestyle that is hip hop.
Examples: The shady record deals, the struggles and squabbles defacing the business, the conflicts between labels and the ghetto-fabulous lifestyle that is hip hop. Our show directly targets the largest built-in television audience in the world – the “Hip Hop Nation,” the largest demographics on the planet, second only to the human race itself. The series will focus on the everyday lives of those who work at Pale Blue Light Records – at times a to-scale representation of the highly commercial industry as a whole, at others an intentional counterpoint – as the show’s stars struggle to make ends meet while also trying to raise hip hop as an art back to the days of its genesis. The character development, smart dialogue and multi-dimensional drama are what will hook viewers outside of the world of hip hop; cameo appearances by real hip-hop artists, playing themselves, will blur the line between fantasy and reality.
The series will also cover: the video shoot and what happens when the cameras stop rolling; entanglements between artists and their fans; the myths of the hip-hop industry; radio stations and TV networks and how a song gets air-play; the violence that plagues the industry; individual conflicts, mudslinging and power-tripping and the chain of unexpected incidents and mysterious events that reconstitutes Pale Blue Light Records as one of the hottest record companies in New York. As for the Ghetto-Fabulous Lifestyle, we'll get a firsthand look at the diamonds, mansions, Bentleys and Benzes – who owns, who rents and who fronts. The hip-hop audience only knows what they see on MTV and what they read in trade magazines, and they're always curious to know more. The show will get its stories from the actual industry – we’ve assembled a panel of experts and consultants from within the industry to make sure of that.
Pale Blue Light Records’ purpose is not to denigrate the recording industry for its ills but rather to show what goes on in a fictional setting called Pale Blue Light Records. The key to keeping the show fresh and entertaining will be the writing, which will be intelligent and sharp and represent a multiplicity of voices and ideas, and, of course, the music, which will also not be limited to hip hop. The plan will be to showcase up-and-coming artists and write them into the storylines, giving them a huge promotional edge in selling records and a chance to break into the movie and television industry. The storylines will also project a lot of the positive attributes of hip hop, the idea being always to keep it real and true to form (the good, the bad … the full register of the human experience), the way The Sopranos has done with organized crime or

Entourage has with the notion of living the Hollywood dream. The same goes for other HBO programs like The Wire’s protracted gaze at the drug trade.
The backdrop will be New York City, the city that gave birth to hip-hop. Perhaps the best way to describe this series would be a cross between Entourage and The Wire, where you experience life in the fast lane with expensive cars and mansions and the gritty thug-life of crime and disloyalty, but Pale Blue Light will have a distinctive advantage in marketing over these other successful shows: the lingua franca that is hip hop. This show will be marketed around the world, because hip hop is in Europe, Japan, South America, Canada, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, etc. Additionally, every hip hop, youth-oriented, music, fashion and ethnic magazine will want to cover Pale Blue Light; examples include: Details, Source, Vibe, YM, Ebony, Latino, Latina – the list goes on. That will also include tri-state radio exposure, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, and Top 40. As the popularity of the series grows, the more progressive the cameos by all different types of celebrities: actors, athletes and other types of musicians. Everyone will want to make an appearance on Pale Blue Light. The show will take root in New York, but the storylines will go beyond the coasts and midlands of America to the banlieues of Paris, the favelas of Brazil or the boroughs of South London, where the new breeds of hip-hop are evolving.

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