Directed & Edited by Scott Hansen
Starring Danny Trejo, Devanny Pinn & Lia Marie Johnson

This is a music video/short film starring Lia Marie Johnson as a young girl serving lemonade to make money, when an Vietnam war Veteran (Trejo) is driving home he see's her walking in the desert and decides to help her out. Things take a turn for the worst when you don't expect what happens next.

Written: By Scott Hansen & Carl Ball
First AD: Nicole Zeno
DP: Rick Craft
Colorist: Chris Ripley
Special Effects Poffo Ortiz
Set Design: Chris Groffman
Set Design: Shayon Netaj
Grip: Antonio Flores
PA: Ryan Quinn
PA: Percy Jones
Sound Design: Justin Fox
Script supervisor: Mel turner
Special thanks to Dave Baker & Anthony Delongis

Additional Actors:
Elisa Meri
Mel turner
Percy Jones

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