Former Foes, NYOIL and Rev. Al Sharpton Find Common Ground

NYOIL interviews Rev. Al Sharpton in a “Building Session”

New York, NY-- Petroleum Empire Media Group (PEMG) is proud to present “NYOIL Interviews Rev. Al Sharpton in a ‘Building Session’”. This incredible and honest interview between former rivals NYOIL and Rev. Al Sharpton brings a once troubled relationship full-circle showing the growth and recognition between factions as they reconcile and recognize their shared desire to better the people and uplift their communities.

The dispute between NYOIL and Rev. Al Sharpton began in May 2007 when Tamika Mallory, Director of the National Action Network’s (NAN) Decency Initiative organized the “March for Decency” led by Rev. Sharpton to protest the use of misogynistic and racist lyrics in Hip Hop music. As one of only 2 Hip Hop artists at the March, NYOIL was disgusted at the lack of support from other artists to come together to make their collective voices heard and at the complete disconnect between the Black Leaders and the Hip Hop Community as a whole. Subsequently, NYOIL released an Op-Ed discussing those as well as several other issues. Two weeks later, Ms. Mallory, taking personal offence to many of the things NYOIL said about the March, sent out an “Open Letter to NYOIL” in response, perpetuating the divide. As seen in the video’s introduction, the gap between the parties began to lessen when NYOIL was asked to speak at Hip Hop Youth Symposium coordinated by NAN in October 2008. Since then NYOIL has participated in various other events alongside Rev. Sharpton earning his support and respect including a NAN Youth Rally on February 21, 2009, where the “Building Session” interview took place.

When speaking with NYOIL, Al Sharpton admitted for the first time that he made a mistake in not sitting down with the young Hip-Hop artists when he was preparing for the March for Decency. He said that speaking with the Hip-Hop artists directly would not only have shown them respect, but would have given him the opportunity to let them know the march was not meant to protest them, but the record labels.

Having previously interviewed Rev. Jeremiah Wright and now Rev. Al Sharpton, NYOIL is branching out to becoming widely recognized and well respected for doing significant interviews. “These discussions are important for our community growth and to help bridge the gap between generations. The work that men and women like Rev. Al Sharpton have done for us as a people and as a nation must not end with them. It is incumbent upon us to be able to learn and then enhance and innovate as we move forward preparing for New Leadership and new challenges. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn and reconcile with Rev. Sharpton”, NYOIL remarked.

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