What began as a summer workshop for video ideas to manifest has now become an unruly feature length hydrabeast formed of individuals collaborating in abandon.
All participants have been swirling around and bumping into each other for at least 10years and the collective sensibilities are broad yet unified in a pact to
explore, laugh, splat, maximize, question, flap, drop trow, dangle and generally go too far in the name of curiosity without actually killing a cat.
You the viewer are the beneficiary of all this and more.

Dadarheans include: Devin Flynn, Jim Drain, Melissa Brown, Brian Belott, Fran Spiegel,
Takeshi Murata, Joe Grillo, Marie Lorenz, Laura Grant, Naomi Fisher, Ara Peterson,
Michael Williams, Jessie Gold, Billy Grant, Alison Kuo, Rich Porter

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