The Last Survivor explores the idea of genocide in the 21st century as a platform for social action. The film follows the lives of survivors of four genocides – The Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo. Centered on the basic premise that genocide is not only a consequence of intolerance and discrimination, but also the important acknowledgment that “democracy dies if you don’t work for it”—that we each have role in ending genocide and improving our world. By focusing on the work of several Survivors turned activists who are leading this global fight to end genocide, the film seeks to inspire youth to get involved in the democratic process – taking an active stand against genocide as an idea and practice in the 21st century. Ultimately, the film will be a call to collective action, declaring that we all have a responsibility and
obligation to end genocide and it is only by walking together—each taking his/her own small steps—that
real change is created.

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