Final Image Motion Pictures Presents
An Ashley Hughes Film
'The Shot'

In a world where image and beauty is a million dollar industry, anybody can fall victim to the media's lust for perfection. Sometimes however, the quest for perfection in an individual can become an obsession, and an obsession that can have grave consequences, like those for 17 year old Leona Parker. Depressed and with no let-up in her battle with her reflection, she takes an overdose of sleeping pills, in a bid to end her own life and her suffering.

Only by confronting her demons and accepting the looks that God has blessed her with, can she take a new shot at life, a life without vanity, a life without obsession, but a life with deep understanding and love.

Director/Cinematography/Editing - Ashley Hughes (17 years old)
Written By - David J. Fisher
Starring - Kirsty Jackson Colette Kerwin Jordan Turner Bryony Davies
Music By -

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