"Magical things can happen when you enthusiastically open your mouth on the internet." - Kevin Zelnio

On January 27, 2012, science writer and marine biologist Kevin Zelnio started the Twitter hashtag #IamScience, encouraging scientists to share their individual stories about their traditional or unconventional paths that brought them to where they are today. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of tweets pouring in over just a few days.

I've collected and excerpted just a handful of them, and set them to Reckless Kelly's "Wicked Twisted Road" (itunes.apple.com/us/album/wicked-twisted-road/id301100085), a song that Kevin mentioned in his original post as holding particular significance for his own path toward science.

Read Kevin's original post here: deepseanews.com/2012/01/iamscience-embracing-personal-experience-on-our-rise-through-science/

See his Storify of ALL the #IamScience tweets:

Add your own story on Twitter, #IamScience (bit.ly/AuLjx4), or contact Kevin with longer submissions for the free e-book he is curating: kzelnio AT gmail DOT com, details available in his post linked above.

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