It's the NLE Ninja here and I'm back to show you 8 tips that can help you work faster in Premiere Pro CS5.5. Also, at the end of this tutorial is a preview for Music Video Effects Volume 4 which will all be done in Premiere Pro. Watch, learn, subscribe, favorite and enjoy! I apologize for the audio in advance. I edited the audio in After Effects forgot to level it down so beware when listening between tips.

MV Effects Volume 4 Preview (13:24)

Quicktips in order:
1. Using NLE Ninja Shortcut keys on your Mac (1:02)
2. Track Highlighting w/ the Shift Key (3:10)
3. Faster Renders with Video Previews (4:03)
4. Replace Edit w/ clips from the Project Browser and Option key (6:33)
5. Swap Edits (7:40)
6. Grouping Separate Videos and Audio Clips together (8:37)
7. Duplicating Keyframes with the Option Key (10:28)
8. Clip Created Bins in the Project Browser (11:26)

NLE Ninja Premiere Pro Shortcuts:
NLE Ninja Premiere Pro Shortcuts PDF:

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