By Dani Brown and Marta Navaridas

In The Invitation, the choreographers Dani Brown and Marta Navaridas, members of the international collective FINGERSIX, have come together to create an evening of suspense. Inspired by the work of contemporary filmmaker David Lynch, they have set out to translate suspense-mechanisms from cinema to stage. Running on the speculation that an inherent element of suspense is curiosity for the unknown, the two directors have fine-tuned various performative elements to keep the audience alert and guessing at every turn.

...a maybe murderous menage-a-trois...
...their absurd and morbid cat-and-mouse-game fascinates us and reminds us of the sad restlessness of beautiful animals in a cage enigmatic and obscure party-game of deception, dance, and death
...the mix of personalities makes an altogether splendid cast
Hamburger Abendblatt, 10.01.08

...glamour, hysteria, and the human abyss
...a promising debut for Dani Brown and Marta Navaridas and their international collective FINGERSIX the imagination of the audience images are triggered, reminding us of intricate tracking-shots in psycho-thrillers
...shifting eroticism into violence, euphoria into horror, and superiority into helplessness
Die Welt, 11.01.08

By Dani Brown & Marta Navaridas
Performance: Alessio Castellacci, Monica Coronado and Alex Deutinger
Video:Daniel Schmidt
Coproduced: Fingersix, Kampnagel, Kulturbehoerde Hamburg, Depto Cultura del Gobierno Vasco

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