Images Contre Nature 2013
Théâtre des Chartreux, Marseille, France
9.07.13 – 13.07.13

Film Screening No.1
Unit 15-16, London, UK

This film titled ‘The Peril That Lurks By The Sea’ was shot frame by frame on a 35mm stills camera. In the film I have experimented with distorting time and reality, in terms of the films narrative content, as well as the way it is structured together in the edit.
The film begins with a sequence that plays, and then rewinds back on it’s self continuously, increasing in speed with each play. This is a device I use throughout, to create a rhythm and to gradually unravel the narrative, while building tension and a sense of suspense. This rhythm is often disrupted throughout the film as frames appear out of sequence or in the wrong order, making the film disjointed. The out of sequence frames reach back and forward along the time-line of the film, foreseeing what is to come and what has been and gone. Along with the distortions and pitch changes in sound, the out of focus shots, and the jittery way in which the film plays out, these out of sequence frames can be seen as manufactured errors which give the film a sense of decay or degeneration.
The use of a horizontal split screen allows me to shift between time within the film, and manipulate how the viewer perceives each scene, by correlating different sequences together.

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