I’ve met a lot of people whom I would never have come across outside of the environs of my filmmaking journey. A select few have what I call exceptional talent, which fills me with awe.

Joel Baker and Monique Sian are no exception to this. I stumbled (as I always do) across one of Joel’s YouTube video’s that had me hitting the replay button every time it ended. I knew from then on I had to get him in front of my lens!

The irony is Joel sent me a message before I got round to sending him a message saying he was a great fan of my work and gave me a hall pass to using any of his songs in my films. I had other ideas; I wanted him in my film!

I continued to browse his videos and discovered he had a number of songs with the lovely Monique Sian, whose voice I find very soothing and refreshing. My discovery was a gift that kept on giving! I found out they had an EP! Make sure you check it out at joelbaker.bandcamp.com/

Thunderstorms is the first track on the EP and believe me when I say you will listen to this EP for days on weeks on months. I’m not a music critic or an expert on views so I’ll stop here.

Hope you enjoy my visual representation of Thunderstorms!

Music: Joel Baker & Monique Sian

Director/Editor: Olan Collardy

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