Episode 1-Full Episode:

Amy, Chanel, Christi, Nicky and Tanya fly into PE to meet each other, and their splendid pink bus, before setting off for a shopping extravaganza in Jeffrey’s Bay. All slightly apprehensive, each girl holds a different aspiration for the 19-day trip along the coast, excited about the prospect of new places, new people, the road ahead and of course how they’ll all get along.

As ambassadors for Billabong and winners of the country wide Billabong Ambassador Search, the girls are given free rein to grab shoes, clothes and accessories from the Billabong Warehouse. An understandable level of insanity ensues as the girls try on, search, parade and choose their outfits for their tour.

Episode 1 introduces the ambassador girls and the surf team riders, Morag, Adele and Tarryn to each other. A variety of backgrounds and cultures along with eight unique personalities set up interesting group dynamics. As an icebreaker, each girl is put in the hot seat by her fellow travelers and queried, questioned and challenged. We find out who’s bossy, who’s moody, what filthy habits they harbour and what surfers think of the ambassador’s and vice versa. The eagerness of the ambassadors receives a frosty reception from Tarryn, who’s gearing up for the Roxy Wahine Cup and not in the best frame of mind to deal with five new tour mates. Her attitude gives the ambassadors an early glimpse into the pressure and stress associated with competitive surfing, though it might also have something to do with their looks.

With a long stretch of breathtaking coast ahead of them, and miles of close proximity, the ambassadors hope that bridges will be built rather than burnt along the way.

For information on the production go to - silverbullet.co.za or billabong.com
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