This is the opening scene of 2008 award winning film A Blue Hole in the Sky. It dissolves to another part of the film, where schoolchildren commemorate the genocide on gypsies at the Amsterdam Museumplein, where the Roma anthem Djelem, djelem is performed.

This probing film tells the touching story of twelve people who survived the second World War and talk about it for the first time, thus breaking a taboo. Through sometimes violent and also beautiful images and stories, the spectator is sucked in by a piece of history that everybody has always kept silent about up to now.

Taking into account that the war is taboo and is never discussed, most certainly not in front of a camera, Bob Entrop has been able to make a unique and special film. As a result of a growing trust and the friendships that have development in the past few years between the Sinti and Roma and filmmaker Bob Entrop, they were willing to go public with their story for the first time.

This film is a journey through time. In the present, we travel with three people to Auschwitz, and at the same time we travel with the others back into the past, to the time in which almost a million Sinti and Roma, gipsies, were murdered.

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