People, landscapes, and wildlife from this past summer's (May-June 2011) field season in west Greenland. The long arctic days were spent gathering data on the timing of plant growth, insect development, and caribou births on the tundra about 15 miles from the small town of Kangerlussuaq (formerly Sondrestrom). Features members of the Ecological Dynamics in Time and Space Lab from Penn State.

The transition from bleak snow-covered landscape to lush caribou calving ground is dramatic and speedy. With only a brief summer each year, plants and animals rush through the reproductive stages of their life-cycles before the biting cold once again drives the life from the landscape in August. This makes summer a high-stakes race to reproduce and prepare for the fast approaching winter.

Members of the Ecological Dynamics lab at Penn State study all aspects of this system. Projects range from tracking the carbon atoms as they're traded among plants, animals, and the atmosphere, to unlocking the mysteries caterpillar population explosions.

Already looking forward to Summer 2012!

Filmed with an aged Canon Vixia HV30.


Music and license obtained from Vimeo's online music store.
Title: Hollow Man
Artist: Kerry Muzzey

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