Lunatic's Entry to Funk Volume's "Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats" Contest

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I'm psychic, moving faster than technology
Breaking out my shell, now all you bitches acknowledge me
Prophecies, honestly your fictional biology
I'm tired of you claiming that you is sick, seek psychology
Cause on a real note, half these entries suck
But I guess we do whatever just to earn a few bucks
To them negative opinions I will give a few fucks
Every hater that you gain, is a fuckin move up
But I aint trippin though, I struggle with these different flows
Make a nigga head spin, I aint just your average Joe
Lyrically, is you hearing me?
ChilledLyfe, No police with my Ice T
Change the rhyme scheme, fake like them shoes made from the Chinese's
All up in your bitch stomach you can call me shaw maine
Nah, I'm playing
I'll sacrifice the blame
These niggas all the same like them Hispanic names
I'm just an outcast, surrounded by these white sheeps
Talent got you lost for words, like an audience to a loud speech
I aint got noting like the people at damn beach
Ya say it to each other, but get offended when I say bitch
I hop then I sin (Hopsin)
I swizz with my fin (Swizz)
I'm dizzy, the weights I pull is why I don't fit in (Dizzy Weight)
I aint a Dj, But I hoppa on your bitch (Dj Hoppa)
Man I'm feeling so Funk, turn the Volume up on this shit (Funk Volume)
Excuse the silliness, Was heading out of context
You've noticed my pros but have you figured out the cons yet?
No funds in the bank is the reason that they use checks
Balling on a budget, so they save a lot and use less.
Hustle to the fairies, mad they haven't loosed they tooth yet
Confrontations gone they don't send a call they use texts
The Game so opposite, cause if you have potential to be the best
Then you is hidden, yes



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