In her final Room 205 performance, Chelsea Wolfe engulfs Room 205 with fire-laden performance of "Demons."

Special thanks goes to Chelsea and her bandmates, Dylan Fujioka (drums), Ben Chisholm (keys), and Kevin Dockter (guitar), for making this episode of Room 205 possible. Without their good grace, great songs and willingness to get weird we couldn't have made it happen. Thanks also to director Michael Reich, set designer Tamarra Younis, audio engineer J. Clark, DP Jeffrey Peters, and editor Forrest Borie.

Seer/director Michael Reich, wizard/editor Forrest Borie, and white witch/set designer Tamarra Younis tapped their deepest inner goth vibes to film doom-folk artist Chelsea Wolfe. To enjoy this truly spellbinding performance we suggest you turn down the lights, don headphones, relax and get yourself into a gloomy Portishead-meets-Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein state of mind… just let the grime and the glow wash over you.

California native Chelsea Wolfe has always embodied both the darkness and the light. Although her music is a raw strain of electric folk tinted by black metal and deep blues, it never wallows in despair. Instead, it wraps itself like a cloak around the human experience, encouraging uplift and seeking triumph. Her voice is a haunting call, warm and lingering, and her lyrics acknowledge life’s obscure and melancholy moments in service to the unlikely truths and beauty they so often reveal. It makes sense then that her influences run from Nick Cave and Selda Bagcan, to directors as varied as Ingmar Bergman and John Waters, with nods to the dramatic flair of Antony and Patti Smith.


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