"LA DOLCE VITA" Collection, portrays the "Sweet Life" of Rome and the Amalfi Coast during the 1950's and 1960's when the Italian way of life and glamour influenced the world. This was a time when film and cinematography depicted Italy’s love for the “Sweet Life” which soon became the priority of the day. People not only wanted to live well but, wanted the best of everything from fashion, art, automobiles and food. It reflects a time when it was chic to take a bite out of life just like sinking your teethe into a fully ripe peach.

Mark Farhat’s third collection for MARK/GIUSTI – La Dolce Vita - is largely influenced by the hit film “La Dolce Vita” as was characterized by lead Actor Marcello Mastroianni. This “Jet-Setting” cinematic icon led the designer to create a beautifully crafted centerpiece for Mark/Giusti – the “Jet Set” Cabin Bag. Mastroianni created a new look with a laid back, care free attitude towards life that is still inspiring men’s style today.

Beautifully crafted bags with subtle detailing and hand-drawn patterned linings took us back in history to the Byzantine Empire where are art and craftsmanship worked hand in hand and is the signature of every Mark/Giusti collection. Beyond Fellini’s cinematic references, further inspiration for this collection has been derived from Mosaic decorations found in the Basilica di San Marco in Venice and is translated into the lining of each piece.

Colors for the “La Dolce Vita” collection are dominated by the tonal black, Navy and White; expressing the designer’s intention to create harmony and balance between the pieces and the colors of summer. “Seasonal colors balance like Yin and Yang. In the summer, the eye craves freshness and tonality to balance the bright days and sunshine. In the winter, the eye craves color to compensate for the gloomy grey climate” Says Mark Farhat

The collection is comprised of an extended line of luggage, 1940’s inspired messenger bags, I-pad Covers and other small leather accessories.

Designer & Creative Director: Mark Farhat
Styling: Mark Farhat
Videographer/Film Director: Max Pugh
Male Model: Corrin Varady - Founder at World Youth Education Trust
Female Model: Alina Katlobai at Nathalie's Agency - Beirut
Yacht: Ibrahim Farhat at Gulf Marine Services
Marina: Joseph Khoury - Dbayye/Lebanon



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