About the video

After almost a year of preparation, on October 22nd, 2011, Schmidt Marketing Hong Kong Ltd. and Bobby Lee start up the first Leica M Digital Workshops in Hong Kong. This workshop contain a total of four modules, each of them with content focus on a specify topic. This video footage captured during our third and forth modules focusing on documentary photography with the Leica Digital M and post production of the images.

Before our photographers visited the old style hair salon, they had a full day brainstorming workshop reviewing works from some of the world greatest documentary photographers. This main purpose is to create an open platform for photographers to have an open mind in approaching the world of documentary photography.

A little about the hair salon : This kind of old salon is vanishing in a fast moving city like Hong Kong. Old building will be tear down, new commercial complex or apartment will be erected in no time. All traditional trade will be replaced by group enterprise and chain stores. One of the best way to preserve these local culture is to document them through the eyes of photographer, with their cameras of course!

Our Leica M Digital Workshops is different from any existing photographic workshop related to the rangefinder camera. We not just present camera specification or how to take a photograph. Instead, we go deeper into the relationship between analog and digital photography. The concept behind the rangefinder camera as well as why and how to make the most of your equipment.

All are welcome to find out more about our workshops at: photo-society.hk/?p=1042 Or at schmidtmarketing.com/events.php?event=477&page=1

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