We are heading up to Trout Lake BC this weekend for the GT Memorial
No-board race. We going to film a segment for the movie that shows how the
loss of a friend can bring people together to celebrate life and as this
movie was Aaron's idea it couldn't be more fitting. We are hoping it will
be snowing up there and we'll be able to film some boarding with bindings
in the area and along the powder highway!

A few of the crew are down in Park City right now filming a park segment to
show that side of snowboarding and how when you're raised on something no
matter what it is, it's what you love. Keep in mind it wont be super cheesy
like it may sound. It's hard to describe how fun/funny it will be aside
from all the 'love' talk, but in the end we are trying to send a message.

The rest of January is pretty open. We've been tossing around the idea of
going to Japan for a couple of weeks. Our friend JP Martin just started a
snowboard/ ski tour business based out of Japan and extend us an invite to
come ride with him and film. That's where the powder is right now, so if
the funding's there we think it could make for some amazing footage,
photos, and a more intrusive look at Japan's snowboarding/ mountain culture
which is something I have always wanted to see in the Japan segments of
snowboard movies. Here's his website (cloudlinetours.com/)

The Snowbird stop of The North Face Masters was postponed until April, so
there's not much planned until the Baker Banked where we will be filming a
segment surrounding that competition and its' history in the snowboard
community. Highlighting the mellow, for the love attitude of Baker. We plan
to spend at the very least two weeks in Washington exploring the Cascades
and compiling footage.

We will spend a few days in Whitefish, MT with the Aaron Robinson Plant a
Seed Project spending time with underprivileged youths and teaching them
how to snowboard/ski at Whitefish Mountain resort. The foundation, as
you'll read in the proposal, was set up by Aaron's family. It was a dream
of Aaron's to pass on his passion to those who may see it
as unattainable to let them know that anything is attainable and all you
have to do is try. ...again, might sound cheesy, but trust me it will be

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