A small scene i set up to demonstrate the surface flow tool i scripted for maya.
See the Surface Flow script in action:
It was built for production during my internship at BUCK Design Inc. using Pymel and has some advantages over maya's standard surface flow effect:

- Unlike maya's standard surface flow effect, Easy_SurfaceFlow uses nParticles and can interact with all nucles modules (nCloth etc.)

- Easy_SurfaceFlow utilizes the object geometry as a goal, providing true surface flow,while to the standard effect uses goal points distributed along the surface which is less accurate.

- Easy_SurfaceFlow is much lighter and more manageable in terms of nodenetworks. Having up to 15+ systems in the same scene is not a problem.

- Easy_SurfaceFlow is optimized for use with maya's instancer.

- Modify all animateable attributes by keyframing channels instead of writing expressions.

- Use nParticles self-collision to have several different system interact under the same nucleus solver.

Rendered in Vray, composed in Nuke.

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