the skies weep for you
the earth drinks
the sun smiles again...

This is a personal perspective of a remote area of Andalucía.

I was helped tremendously by Tony and Eva, whom I met via Lonely Planet. Tony and I agreed to meet at the Bar Stop where the train arrived. I thought I was going to be shooting epic scenic shots.. with glamorous sun. It rained until the last day. I've been thinking about it for quite some time and I have realized that I didn't go there to shoot landscape - I went there to meet Tony and Eva, and their friends and community. Thank you both for your generosity and hospitality. And for Benaoján and Montejaque: thank you for your welcome and your kindness. This is my expression of gratitude to you all.

And for my Vimeo friends - I miss participating with you as much as I would like. Life has been incredibly busy and I am not caught up on my "watch later" list but I am getting there - the total is at around 800 now - wow!

Canon 7D, 50mm, 17-85mm, Zacuto Z-Finder.
And Caleb Vinson's schweet Manfrotto tripod - thank you my man! You are my inspiration for shooting, editing and telling a story. Even though you weren't there with me for the editing you were still there... "cut it"....."cut it..." heh heh. So I dedicate this piece to you!

This music score is one of the most difficult I have ever created. I went through about 5 different versions of the ending music, with grandiose (grotesque) orchestral flourishes. I finally chose to keep the entire score simple: making the most music with the least amount of notes and instruments. I recorded the accordion and programmed the rest of the instruments with Logic Studio, and edited with Final cut. My sound rig never made it - it was still in Heathrow (along with my clothing).

I shot the video in superflat picture style - and used Magic Bullet to gradually increase the intensity of color throughout the piece. Many of the clips are straight out of the camera.

I only had the sound from the camera, and the 7D really captured some beautiful ambient sounds - don't let anyone tell you that the sound from the camera isn't good - it is!

Immediately after Montejaque and Benaoján: Sevilla came into view:

Cheers friends!

Update: Sadly, Tony passed away during the summer of 2013. He is remembered here: for his kindness, his generosity, his knowledge and his openness and warmth. Tony your spirit is still with us. I express my sincerest condolences to Eva, and wish her peace in her journey!

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