JOIN THE DOTS is the result of the cross-disciplinary collaboration between Designer, Joanna Alpe and Sustainability Strategist, Rebecca Mills.

The Join the Dots installation in Auckland, was part of 'Make Something' exhibition and is an invitation to uncover the relationships New Zealand has to the rest of the world around the issues of sustainability, energy and climate change. These connections act as thought starters, and are intended to be catalyst for further exploration and action, the beginning of a larger collaborative body of work. Rebecca and Joanna have begun this collaboration across disciplines, timezones and seas to create a platform that helps reveal connections between people, their countries and their world.

Over time it is hoped that visitors to Join the Dots will add to the conversation, explore some more, but ultimately find a tangible way to do something about it. Rebecca and Joanna intend on touring the installation, continuing to join the dots and publishing their research, insights and findings as it relates to each new location of installation.

Join the Dots is a non-commercial collaboration for good. We would love to get your thoughts, insights and add them to the mix. Add a comment or send us a message via twitter Rebecca Mills: @ministryofgreen Joanna Alpe: @weloveinc. Check out our blog at

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