Dr Corrine Beaumont is a graphic designer and a lecturer in design thinking and entrepreneurship at Kingston University. A farm girl from Idaho, she moved to London six years ago to take on a subject she is passionate about—using design to improve breast cancer outcomes. She is also the author of The Zoo in My Belly, a children’s book designed to change the way children think about and eat food.

Design Thinking in Healthcare – developing patient-centred communication materials for breast cancer detection

The role of design is emerging as an agent of collaboration, bringing different disciplines—such as healthcare and communication design—together in new ways. This new focus of design is increasingly looking beyond ‘designing the object’ towards ‘designing the system’. But how does a designer use design thinking to bring the object and system together?

I’ll be discussing my experience and research journey as a graphic designer who took on the challenge to change the way educational materials for breast cancer detection are designed for a global audience. This resulted in a PhD in Design, as well as a set of educational materials under the brand of Worldwide Breast Cancer, educating over 60,000 patients so far. I’ll be sharing the results of patient literacy with the materials, as well as conceptual frameworks for analysing a system and patient needs.

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