- This is a 1954 U.S. Army 108 ft Firefighting Tugboat known as the Valley Forge LT- 2096. Located in Southport, NC, it will be up for auction Feb 2-6, 2012. Click here to view this boat on our website:

The tugboat's length is 108 ft over fenders, 106 ft 11 inches excluding fenders and rubber strakes, 96 ft 3 inches bp length, with a 26 ft 6 inch molded beam, and a 28 ft overall beam.

It is 14 ft 10 inches molded depth amidships, with a 12 ft design draft above base line, and an approximately 12 ft 8 inch full load draft, 11 ft 8 inch lightship Draft.

There is a 30 ft rake of keel between Station 10 & Station 0. The deck camber is 10 ft over a 26 ft 6 inch beam. The lightship displacement is 330 long tons with a full load displacement of approximately 420 long tons. The bollard pull is 31.5 tons at full displacement and maximum engine RPM (900). The speed is 12.9 knots at full displacement and 7 knots astern at full displacement.

The cruising range is 2,090 Nautical miles at 900 RPM (Speed 12.8 knots), 2,739 Nautical miles at 800 RPM (Speed 12.1 knots), 3,935 Nautical miles at 700 RPM (Speed 11.1 knots), 4,688 Nautical miles at 600 RPM (Speed 10.2 knots), 5,793 Nautical miles at 500 RPM (Speed 8.8 knots).

Complement is 10 (4 Officers and 6 Crew). The fuel capacity is 18,692 U.S. gallons, 16,822 usable U.S. gallons with a freshwater capacity of 2,300 U.S. gallons and an AFFF capacity of 1,000 U.S. gallons.

The fire pumping capacity is 7,500 GPM (gallons per minute). The water monitor capacity is 4,000 GPM through 2 off center-line monitors. The foam monitor capacity is 1,250 GPM through 1 off center-line remote hydraulically operated monitor. **This data is provided for reference only**. Buyer should verify all data prior to placing bid.

The Valley Forge Firefighting Tug is fully operational. The Valley Forge has two Detroit Diesel and two Caterpillar diesel engines that are fully operational. Built by John E. Matton, the 3,000 hp turbo main engines are EMD V12 Cylinder with 815.5 hours on the dial. The manufacturer was Engine System Incorporated ION Corporation serial number-73-K1-1012. The Valley Forge was re-built in 1999 in Hythe, England. When The Valley Forge was re-fitted in 1999, a side thrust steering system which allows the boat to move sideways was installed. All of the manuals associated with the tug boat are stored in the forward crews quarters.

The Valley Forge is currently has 6,000 gallons of diesel fuel on board. The Valley Forge was turned in due to the thinning of the interior hull (sea chests). The chief engineer stated that the hull thinning did not meet the Army thickness tests but was still within acceptable specifications of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Some electronic devices put on after the 1999 overhaul have been removed. These are the electronic devices included with The Valley Forge: Sea 330 HF/SSB Radio Telephone, Ross Digital Depth Indicator, Rockwell Global Position System (GPS), Furuno NavTex Receiver, 2 IBM Computers (Hard Drives were removed).

All potential buyers wishing to inspect The Valley Forge must contact the site manager at (602) 317-2008, 48 hours in advance of the 10 AM Wednesday screening deadline, since the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) is a closed and restricted facility with strict entrance requirements that must be met. Visitors must be American or Naturalized American Citizens. Screening will be conducted on Wednesday of each week with all interested buyers being checked in at the Sunny Point Visitors Center no later than 10 AM. No cameras will be authorized down range to include cell phone cameras. All weapons must be declared at the time of entry. All visitors will be physically escorted to The Valley Forge's down range location and back up range to the administrative area. No independent movement is authorized at any time.

Any questions concerning the operation or functionality of The Valley Forge should be addressed by clicking on the "Ask a Question" button on the bidding page.

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