I am creator, I wrote a song to deal with 'an ex' - that is an ex-employer.
This is a touching meditation in a modern synth-rock setting of a modern conundrum to follow ones Art and make the rent - and the struggle to balance those poles and what happens when we make the choice?

A koan can be a question, or statement, the meaning of which cannot be understood by rational thinking - but may be accessible through intuition or lateral thinking. When I meet one particular colleague from my ex-workplace I sometimes ask a version of that question to him: did humpty fall or was he pushed? I suppose my koan reflects my shock into my artistic awareness and allowed me to begin to create full time. This is one of the products of this artistic spasm.

LAUGHJOHNLAUGH! is songwriter, artist and performer based in Brooklyn NYC. Video shot on location in NYC and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. John Produced/co-directed/drew animations and captions. Song produced by Peter Litvin and video shot and edited by Greg DeLiso - monroviapictures.com

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