What makes a home a home? This is a short video about this question, but specifically in this video with Israel.

It is a time-lapse video with a theme and messages to each specific shot. All images were shot originally for this project over a period of four months. Time-lapse projects are a test of your patience and perseverance. The music was made original as well. Please watch closely and let it open your mind as to what makes you call home, home...

All images were shot by Brandon Robinson
Directed by Brandon Robinson follow at veyetality.tumblr.com/
also on instagram username "veyetality" ;-)
Edited by Brandon Robinson and Aron Egal vimeo.com/aronegal
Original Music composed by the AMAZING Jason Soudah myspace.com/soudah

Very Special thanks to Aron Egal for his endless support and help with this project, it wouldn't have been the same without him. As well as Jason Soudah for composing a track that could not have been more perfect. Also featuring Nava Brenshtin for standing bravely in front of the wall without moving for 45 minutes straight! L'cheim לחיים
Also I want to thank Tom Lowe and Colin Rich, two people who really inspired me to push my own limits and imagination.

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